Benefits of Barber

Get details about your next appointment and organize your daily routine accordingly. Get the details of the customers who have booked the appointment for better customer interaction. Avoid rush in the salon by properly managing all the appointment.

Got a great offer that customers will love to hear? Advertise all the great offers and services at just one click!

Get feedback from all the customers and use it to refine your services accordingly.

Track how each artist in your salon is performing and check if the customers are satisfied by the artist by messaging or mailing them.

No need to keep a log book of daily earnings, get the daily/ monthly/ yearly earnings and revenue on your screen itself.

Don’t have to create and print a bill for each customer, now all the customers will get digital bills for the service they opted.

Benefits of Customer

Want to get a haircut? Worried about the queue at barbershop? Book the appointments with your favorite artist and skip the queue.

Get specialized notifications for offers on services or the products.

Loved the artist’s/salon’s work? Give them few words of appreciation by giving them reviews and ratings

Book appointments at affordable places by checking the price for services in advance before booking them.

Check out different featured artist from different barbershop in the artist gallery and read reviews on them from the other customers.

Go paper free and get a digital bill from the salon.