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Barber and beauties is an online portal for barbers and their customers.

The customers can book appointment to their favorite barber shop anytime from anywhere, through the mobile application. The barbers can check the appointments on their dashboard. Overall barber and beauties saves time for customer and automates the saloon business for the barber.

Customers can book online appointment to their favorite barber shop and have a fresh haircut without waiting in the queue. The barbers can manage their shop efficiently and hassle free like never before.

Why barber and beauties?

For Barbers

As a barber you face may many issues like not having records or details of the customers, having long queues of customers sometimes and not having any customer other times well barber and beauties will solve all this issues and many more.

By using barber and beauties the time of the customer is saved which results into customer satisfaction. The salon management will be fully automated. Barber can check the revenue generated on daily basis. You can place advertisement of the products from your inventory. The barbers can engage with the customers by sending message or mail to the customers. Rather than having to book the appointment yourself over the phone, the appointments will be booked through the app and you’ll be notified.

For Customers

As a customer you have to spend so much amount of time waiting in queue for your turn at the barbershop. With barber and beauties you can book you appointments from anywhere, anytime at your leisure. You can review the barber’s service and give your thoughts about your experience moreover in the same manner select the best saloon for you based on other user’s ratings and reviews. You can check your history of appointments for your reference.


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